Proudfoot Kennels South African Boerboel

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Published date: October 1, 2011 Modified date: October 1, 2011
  • Country: Canada
  • Province: Ontario
  • City: Kearney

Here at Proudfoot Kennels, we STILL hold true to the working farm/family dog!  All of our Boerboels are health tested, temperament tested OFF property, and registered with the originating breed registry. We are one of the only breeders within Canada to be working with multiple generations of our own bloodlines throughout North America. Also we are a Naturally Rearing Breeder. What does this mean?  We DO NOT DOCK TAILS, WE FEED SOLELY RAW, and ONLY MINIMALLY VACCINATE!  Everything we do is for the dog's health!!!   Come out for a visit and expect to wear dog friendly clothes.. you are going to need it!




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