Lagotto Romagnolo of Canada LRC

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Published date: October 2, 2011 Modified date: July 18, 2017
  • Country: Canada
  • Province: British Columbia
  • City: Parksville

Lagotto Romagnolo of Canada is the home of Canadas 1st known breeder of Working Italian Lagotto Romagnolo Truffle Dogs. Few are bred, those that are, are selected for conformation and character of the worlds finest Lagotto. Registered Lineage insures qualities of this rare, ancient pure bred, known to be the foundation DNA of all waterdogs, poodles and golden retrievers - the worlds truffle dog. Imported for truffle hunting in early 2000s, Ducketts were unaware of the outstanding holistic qualities of this breed that was nearly extinct in the Romagnolo mountains in Italy. It is their pleasure to assist in the reestablishment of this outstanding purebreed globally and especially in Canada were few exist. Occasionally puppies are available.


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