Slainte Stables - Gypsy Vanner/Irish Tinker Horses

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Published date: August 5, 2011
  • Country: Canada
  • Province: Alberta
  • City: Edmonton

In 2002 I saw my first Gypsy Vanner Horse at the second largest horse show in the world, the Fierra Caveli in Italy! I knew I wanted one, but never dreamt we would be blessed to import our first drop dead gorgeous mare from Europe, Lillevangs Sally and not only that but to have her bred to the Champion Gypsy Vanner stallion in Denmark and receive a mirror to Sally, Keelah (Irish for beautiful) . We then searched for a stallion and found Tubbs O'Reilly , who had been imported from the Vines in England! It has been amazing for us, learning about and working with these wonderful equines. These horses are also known in North America as a Gypsy Horse, Irish Tinker, Gypsy Cob and Irish Cob.


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