It is very important for you to conduct your own due diligence when searching and selecting a breeder. We provide the community to connect you with potential breeders, but you need to  make sure you visit, and get to know the operations of the breeder to make certain you are selecting the right breeder for you. Factors such as quality, health and environment for your animal are very important in an effective selection of a breeder. The fact that you could be doing business with someone over the internet relating to a living and breathing animal, means you need to be very careful and always do your homework. Before making any type of agreement, please visit the breeder. We can not stress that enough. By meeting the breeder you will also be able to better assess if the animal is well suited for your needs and lifestyle. A good breeder will always be open and honest with you. We encourage whereever possible the adoption of pets and encourage all pet owners to have their animals spayed/neutered and mico chipped.


We have a very strict listing policy. A listing can not be an advertisement about available puppies or kittens, etc. We promote long term relationships with breeders and as such only accept breeders describing their operation. Please do not add your email or website to your listing. They will be deleted. Please rely on the Contact Breeder feature, its an easy and confidential tool to allow anyone interested to connect with a breeder.


Please use the Contact Us feature if you have any questions or are seeking information that you are not able to find. We have support available to you and will do our best to find an answer for you.